Sarah Hinchliffe

Day Two:  14:00 - 15:30

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Write more compelling proposals by using Aristotle’s three persuasive appeals

Aristotle created his seminal work, On Rhetoric, over 2,300 years ago. It included his theory of the three persuasive appeals: ethos (credibility), pathos (emotion) and logos (logic). Today this work is still regarded as a bible for public speakers, but the three appeals can be applied to any form of communication – including proposals. This interactive session will consider each of the three appeals and how we can bring them to life on the page.

Sarah Hinchliffe has over 30 years' selling experience, from field sales through to director level. A freelance bid professional and certified Shipley trainer, Sarah is passionate about building compelling proposals that captivate their readers. She is an APMP Professional, achieved through her on-going series of articles in the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management magazine Winning Edge.