Paul Willmott

Day One:  14:00 - 15:15

Bidding - meat in the project sandwich

Is bidding a project in its own right, or just a stage in a pre- existing project?

Using maturity models to assess project capability is an established method in creating and measuring business improvement. What is different about bidding? Can it be treated as a project in its own right, or is it really just a stage of an existing project? This presentation will enable participants to understand maturity models and the function they perform. It will provide different perspectives on the bidding lifecycle.

Paul is a director of Outperform (part of Baker Tilly Consulting) and leads its bid practice in the UK. He is also a lead assessor for P3M3, a best practice maturity model for projects, programmes and portfolios. He has extensive experience in delivering change management initiatives for clients in the energy, rail and utility sectors.