James Naughtie

Day Two: 15:45 - 17:15

James (Jim) Naughtie is an established Today presenter and host of Radio 4’s Book Club. He also serves as Chancellor of Stirling University and chaired the jury for the Man Booker Prize. His own publications include The Rivals, which exposed the truth about the relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


Jim started out on his local newspaper in Aberdeen. He moved to The Scotsman, then grabbed the chance of a fellowship at The Washington Post before returning to Britain to become Chief Political Correspondent at The Guardian.

He also made numerous documentaries, including investigations into UN peacekeeping operations - and what was then considered a crisis of leadership in America.

Jim has chaired many high level gatherings, including sessions of the World Economic Forum at Davos. He regularly moderates debates, facilitates panel discussions, hosts awards and delivers speeches to senior business audiences.

A journalist has to sift through vast quantities of data, to prepare a professional story, that is emotional, based on fact, and delivered to very tight deadlines. If you let the story be too emotional and obscure the facts, you lose credibility. If you stick to the facts, you lose the emotional feel.]#

Arguably, a journalist is a bid writer, by another name. A bid writer should understand the customer’s emotional needs and ought to be able to present the facts as a cohesive argument as to why their company should be chosen to deliver.

As a highly experienced broadcast journalist, James will offer us parallels between his and our professions.