Bill Foster

Day Two:  11:45 - 13:00

Conquering the 100% bid

Essential equipment for the kingdom of the highest scores – and why top scoring bids in 2015 demand a new approach

We set out, long before dawn, for the thin air and less-travelled terrain of the kingdom of the highest scores. In the main we are confident. We are, after all, seasoned, successful bidders. But our veteran guide, 58-year-old Bill Foster, suggests we carry four items beyond the APMP mountaineering handbook: specification fit; added value; innovation; and content-packing. He’ll explain why top scoring bids in 2015 require us to do things differently from how we’ve done them in the past.

Bill has led Foster Brandt for 16 years, working with bidding organisations of all kinds on strategy, content & process and providing tailored training courses. Bill’s 2014 APMP conference session, 30 change areas in UK Bidding since the Crash, was fully subscribed and well received. He also co-authored the 2013-14 UK National Occupational Standards in Bidding and Tendering,