Day One: 09:30 - 11:00

Become a champion, no matter where you are today. He’s a phenomenon. 19 years on AP McCoy OBE is unbeaten in his field. ‘The world’s greatest jockey’, they call him. Who else is better placed to show you exactly how to make that last push over the finishing line?

To win when you’re tired.

To grow when you’re defeated - and break the record next time.

To understand the importance of building a winning team around you, with trust, loyalty and commitment, to enable you to learn, to break records, and to win, win and win again.

This year, experience AP’s fascinating story of success and fear of failure. The dangers of his sport, his winning mentality and how you too can transform your performance no matter what your level today.

AP ‘Tony’ McCoy OBE - what can we learn?

With the charisma and dry humour befitting a BBC Sports Personality of the Year winner, AP will explain the best way to achieve endurance in life. How to lead others in the sport of business. And, how to become a champion in whatever you do.

Why did he succeed where others failed?

His personal success factors epitomise our conference theme: Learn, Challenge, Innovate. He has broken every bone in his body and raced almost every day of the year. Every single time, analysing his performance, pinpointing areas for improvement. Then, working out exactly how to put himself in first place next time.

Sound familiar, bid professional?

Bid professionals – probably you, too – live or die on performance. Just like AP McCoy. Indeed, how much further could you go if you learned from every single failure without jumping into the next task too quickly? If you never rested on your laurels when winning was comfortable?

Take this unique opportunity to learn the specific techniques behind stamina, endurance, motivation and dedication.

Give yourself the edge this year.