Andy Hammond

Day One:  11:30 - 12:45

Marginal gains, big wins

How small improvements in the bid process can transform your success rate

Taken in aggregate, small improvements across the board can have a decisive effect on the result. This presentation will look at aspects of the bidding process where this is often possible, including: whether to bid or not; aligning your bid to client requirements; answering compliance questions effectively; responding to complex questions, using a skeleton and collaborative technique; the importance of good case studies and CVs; and using infographics.

Andy owns Propeller Studios, which specialises in on-line document management software and bid consultancy. He was the youngest ever main board director of Midas Construction Group, increasing UK sales in his area of the business fivefold in nine years. His experience includes advising the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the late 90s on collaborative working contracts.